We offer a wide range of psychological services.

Gryphon Psychology is a specialist provider of Employee Assistance Programs and other psychology and training services to the mining and resources sector.

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) from Gryphon Psychology provides on-call professional counselling for your employees and their families to help resolve any personal or work-related problems.


Critical Incident Response

In a critical incident, our mining and resources clients receive a rapid, reliable response - every time. Our psychologists live and work in the local community and are always nearby.


Supervisor Support Services

Supervisors and specialist personnel play a key role in taking action to enable the organisation to function in a safe and effective manner.


Fitness For Work

We work with BSS Corporate Psychology Services to provide training in fitness for work issues in the mining and resources sector such as drug and alcohol management, fatigue management and psychological impairment.


Better Sleep Program

Our Better Sleep Program seeks to provide more intensive support to assist in increasing the level of sleep hygiene and management of the sleep related disorder.


Education and Training Programs

At Gryphon Psychology we believe in the value of an employer growing its people. Our Education and Training programs are designed to influence the growth and development of individuals, teams and organisations.


Peer Support Program

Peer Support programs engage volunteers from the workplace who act in a role as supporter to their colleagues.