Diversity in the Workplace


Diversity in the Workplace An interactive workshop that aims to assist participants in understanding the organisational benefits of a diverse workforce. Participants will learn what constitutes diversity, reflect on their own hidden bias and personal framework and understand how to work within a diverse workplace successfully. [...]

Fitness For Work


We work with BSS Corporate Psychology Services to provide training in fitness for work issues in the mining and resources sector such as drug and alcohol management, fatigue management and psychological impairment.

Customised Training Programs


Toolbox Talk/Lunch and Learn Sessions Short, regular toolbox talks are a great way to engage team members in awareness raising about a variety of mental health related topics. Our toolbox sessions are designed to be thought provoking, engaging and practical. Gryphon can provide presentations on a range of topics, [...]

STOP: Suicide Training on Prevention


STOP: Suicide Training on Prevention Suicide is a huge public health issues, not just in Australia, but worldwide. Approximately 7 Australians commit suicide every day, which is more than the number of Australian’s killed in motor vehicle crashes. While suicide prevention has become a key focus for many organizations [...]

Mental Health for Leaders Training


Mental Health for Leaders Training Leaders play a key role in identifying those who may be at risk of ill mental health in the workplace. They not only are well placed to support these employees due to their prior relationship but in high risk industries, Supervisors need to ensure [...]