Project Description

The smart way to manage risk

Employees’ problems or behaviours can, at times, threaten their own and others’ productivity or safety at work.  Such situations include alcohol and drug abuse, fatigue and sleep issues, poor performance, harassment, conflict and inappropriate behaviour. Supervisors and specialist personnel play a key role in taking action in these circumstances to enable the organisation to function in a safe and effective manner.

FFW Assessment and Case Management or Formal Referrals

Concerns relating to an employee’s fitness to carry out their work duties are responded to by a Fitness For Work assessment.  In a case where an employee breaches the organisation’s FFW policy, a Gryphon FFW assessment and report not only provides the organisation with important information about the employee’s issues, but is also a valuable tool for the employee, who gets access to a clinician with extensive experience dealing with these issues.

Steps in the Supervisor Support Program and Case Management Process

1. Seeking a referral

Prior to making a formal referral, managers/supervisors/health specialists are encouraged to discuss the case with a Gryphon Psychology Senior Consultant. Some reasons to make a formal referral may include:

  • Employee positive alcohol and drug test

  • Signs of stress / irritability

  • Fatigue related incident

  • Absenteeism
  • Recent marital break up

  • Long term illness

  • Aggression or conflict in the workplace

  • Mood disorder

2. Assessment

Gryphon Psychology completes an assessment which will provide the manager/supervisor/health specialist with recommendations about the level of risk the situation poses and appropriate actions to manage the risk.

3. Management Plan

Where an employee is unfit for work Gryphon Psychology will help the employee develop a management plan to address the issues of concern. Responsibility for developing the plan rests with the employee in order to ensure he/she is actively engaged and is responsible for resolving the problem.

4. Monitoring

Once a plan has been agreed upon by all parties, a monitoring schedule will be put in place to track and provide feedback as to progress.

Fitness for Work Training and Consultancy

Gryphon Psychology as part of the BSS Group, provide training and consulting in fitness for work (FFW) issues such as drug and alcohol management, fatigue management and psychological impairment. The BSS Group is widely acknowledged as an expert provider of FFW advice to the resource sector and other safety sensitive industries both in Australia and internationally.

To find out more about Gryphon’s approach to Fitness for Work / Formal Referrals please call Gryphon on 1800 056 076 or via email:

How to make formal referrals – Information for Supervisors