Project Description

Peer Support Program

Building complementary support avenues

Many organisations make use of counselling services and “Employee Assistance Programs” to assist workers to deal with stress.

These initiatives are valuable and often have high success, however, it’s well-known that many workers are unaware or avoid assistance provided by their employer.

A useful, complementary initiative is the use of low-key, collegial assistance, such as Peer Support, to take a more pro-active approach to this problem.

Peer Support programs engage volunteers from the workplace who act in a role as supporter to their colleagues.

Peer Support Programs:

  • Encourage workmates to access early assistance

  • Reach workers who are unlikely to ask for help

  • Complement other avenues of support

  • Build support skills across the work group

Gryphon Psychology and our sister company BSS have successfully assisted a number of organisations in the development and integration of effective Peer Support Programs. Organisations such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, New Hope Group and QGC/Shell.

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