Project Description

Mental Health for Leaders Training

Leaders play a key role in identifying those who may be at risk of ill mental health in the workplace.

They not only are well placed to support these employees due to their prior relationship but in high risk industries, Supervisors need to ensure they manage the risks to ensure their employees are fit for work.

In our experience, Supervisors already have the “care factor” for their employees, they just need support in how to better identify and manage these sorts of issues.

Our training program aims to support leaders in their roles and equip then with the tools to identify and manage mental ill health risk.

The training covers areas such as:

  • The evolving role of the Supervisor

  • Mental health within the Fitness for Work Framework

  • Mental health within an organisational context

  • Identifying mental health risk

  • Managing mental health risk

    • What to say/do
    • Process to follow
  • Common mental health concerns

    • Stress
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
  • 6 key factors to resiliency

    • Preventative measures to improving mental health
  • Micro skills for leaders

    • Active listening, problem solving techniques, diamond model of support
  • Referring on for further assistance and assisting in breaking down the barriers to accessing support

    • Fitness for Work considerations and case management of employees with Mental Health Issues in safety related situations