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Supervisor Support

Supervisors and specialist personnel play a key role in ensuring an organisation can function safely & effectively and that employees act productively & safely at work. To do this, they may be required to address challenging behaviors, unsatisfactory work performance, deal with a stressed/angry/grieving employee, manage a dispute between two employees, manage situations involving alcohol/drugs/fatigue/poor sleep/harassment and much more. 

Training, on-going support and available resources are critical for Supervisors, and play a key part in the risk management processes. 

Gryphon Psychology provides a Supervisor and Manager Support Service called Supervisor Support. This service aims to educate and boost confidence of supervisory staff required to have dealings with interpersonal & workplace problems of their employees.

Supervisor Support is provided via a private 1 on 1, supervisor to clinician phone consultation and can be as specific or general in advice as needed. 

A Supervisor Support Service Consultation can include but is not limited to the education and support of:

  • How to speak to an employee about unsatisfactory work performance
  • How to deal with a stressed employee
  • How to handle an angry employee
  • How to manage a dispute between two employees
  • How to manage a disruptive employee
  • How to support a grieving employee
  • How to respond to a complaint from an employee
  • How to motivate a reluctant employee

Referring an Employee 

If you are concerned of the welfare or mental health of an employee, first determine that the situation is not an emergency. 
If your employee is experiencing an emergency call 000. 

If you would like to refer an employee to EAP counselling, you can encourage them to seek professional advice by providing them with knowledge of their EAP entitlements.   It is also not uncommon that most individuals need to overcome a range of barriers to seek help.  Whether it be a feeling of perceived shame, embarrassment, concern about their confidentiality, or other concern, you can play a part in helping that employee to challenge and overcome these concerns by offering information and reassurance.

If you would like to refer an employee as part of a Formal Referral Process, please view the information on Formal Referrals available under our Services List or contact our Customer Service Team. 

Gryphon Psychology also provides a Supervisor Support Service which helps in dealing with difficult situations. The Supervisor Support Service can be accessed by calling 1800 056 076 and mentioning the request as Supervisor Support, to which then a phone consultation is booked. A Gryphon Psychology consultant will provide appropriate supervisor support. 

You can find more information about Supervisor Support Services here.

Formal Referrals

A formal referral is initiated by the organisation as opposed to the employee.

The employee consents to participate in the process and feedback is provided back to the organisation.  

These requests are normally due to concerns an organisation may have about an employee’s psychological wellbeing.   In instances where additional proactive support may be needed; for example, when starting a transient role for the first time / when support is required to help the employee address undesirable workplace behaviours.

Types of formal referrals that may be applied include: 

Fitness for Work Assessments 

Fit for work means that an individual is in a state (physically, mentally, and emotionally) that allows them to perform their assigned duties effectively and does not threaten their own or others’ safety or health.  If you believe an employee is unfit for work and you are concerned about the safety of them, their peers, associated workplace risks; a Fit for Work Formal Referral for an Assessment is promoted. 

The major factors that would impair an individual’s fitness for work can be grouped into three broad sets of overlapping issues as follows: medical/stress, alcohol and other drugs and fatigue.

Fitness for Work assessments can be undertaken for the following areas of concern:

  • Fatigue
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Mental Health

Conflict Resolution 

When people are in conflict, emotions run high, trust disappears, judgment becomes clouded and one or both parties feel intimidated by the other. In such situations a skilled third party can assist each person to clearly specify their concerns and identify what may assist in reducing or resolving the conflict.

The process usually takes approximately 8 hours and involves:

Working with both parties individually, to help the parties clarify their concerns, what they want to achieve, and establish a plan to work constructively.

A joint, facilitated meeting between the parties to assist the individuals negotiate and document agreed actions.

Liaise with the company representative to establish and formalise the plan going forward.

Formal Counselling

Formal Counselling may occur as part of an agreed mental health plan between the organisation and employee.

Formal counselling enables organisations to monitor if counselling sessions are attended and to obtain information about the employee’s engagement and general progress. Formal Counselling requests may be appropriate when fitness for work assessment is not required but consistent counselling support may be beneficial for the employee.

Accessing EAP (Employees) 

Talking to a professional at an early stage can often prevent a relatively minor concern developing into a major problem.

An employee, (and if stated in the per company agreement, immediate family members), can contact Gryphon Psychology directly to make an appointment with a Gryphon Psychology Clinician in their local area. 

Appointments can be made by:

  • Calling 1800 056 076
  • Completing a Request an Appointment Form on the Gryphon Psych APP  
  • Completing a Request an Appointment Form on the Gryphon Psychology Website

Appointments are available via face to face, telephone, and video. 

For urgent situations Gryphon Psychology may be able to provide same-day appointments.


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