Introduction for Organisations

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Introduction for Organisations 

Organisations have a responsibility to create, maintain and provide a safe workplace.  A safe workplace includes both a physically safe and mentally healthy environment.  By managing psychological risks properly, providing access to professional intervention and developing wellbeing programs through EAP, organisations mitigate risk of psychological injury. 

EAP is not ‘just an employee benefit’ it is one of the key pillars of organisational safety and wellbeing strategy.  EAP is vital for employee retention, employee productivity, employee innovation, organisational reputation and organisational health and safety risk mitigation. 

Specialising in servicing safety sensitive and high-risk industries, our aim is to work collaboratively with organisations to reduce mental health risk and foster a healthy psychological culture. 

A visual representation of what Gryphon Psychology works to achieve with its client organisations is: 

Partnering with Gryphon Psychology gives you the opportunity to engage with us across various services and programs.  Services and programs implemented per partnership are specific to the requirements of the organisation serviced, which is just one of the ways we can provide an exceptional and valued partnership catering for all organisation sizes, budgets, and those with wide geographical footprints. 

Feature Services, Programs and Information that form part of our extensive suite, include: 

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