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Employees talking to a professional at an early stage can often prevent a relatively minor concern developing into a major problem.

Gryphon Psychology’s EAP

Gryphon Psychology’s EAP Counselling Services are:

  • Typically, short term in nature and are solution focused
  • Confidential (Clinicians are bound by Privacy Legislation. Information will not be provided to employers without consent, unless there is a serious risk involved.)
  • Voluntary (and can be accessed by self-referral)
  • Funded by the employer 
  • Accessible across Australia and selected international locations through the Gryphon comprehensive affiliate network
  • Available for employees of client companies (and where the contract states, immediate family members also)
  • Accessible via various mediums – i.e., face to face, phone, video

Our EAP clinicians have experience supporting a wide range of personal and work problems including those that can be specific to Safety Sensitive Industries, making Gryphon Psychology a vital partner for organisations that rely on mentally safe employees to ensure a safe workplace for all employees.  

Reasons An Employee May Seek Counselling

Some of the reasons an employee may seek counselling from Gryphon Psychology include: 

  • Work Stress (Shift work / workload / culture and environment issues / Organisational Change / Job Insecurity / Redundancy) 
  • Personal Relationships (conflict / separation / general issue)
  • Mental Health (Depression / Anxiety / Psychiatric / Anger Management 
  • Workplace Conflict (Colleague / Management) 
  • Bullying / Harassment (Discrimination / Physical & Mental Bullying and or Harassment / Violence / Unethical Behaviour / Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment) 
  • Incidents (Post Critical Incident / Trauma) 
  • Family / Children Issues (Parenting / bullying / mental health issues / family dynamic difficulties) 
  • Grief / Loss (death / fertility / life changes) 
  • Addiction (Drugs / Alcohol / Gambling / Vaping / Smoking / Pornography / Sex) 
  • Other Personal (Financial Stress / Sexuality and Identity) 
  • Fitness for Work Referred 
  • Medical & Health (Major and Minor illness / Fatigue / Sleep Issues) 

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