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About Gryphon Psychology

Gryphon Psychology is a key provider of Employee Assistance Programs, Critical Incident Response, Organisational Mental Health Training & Assessments and Wellbeing Consultancy Services.

Operating in Australia since 2003, Gryphon Psychology are experienced in servicing safety sensitive and high-risk industries including but not limited to Mining, Resource, Oil/Gas, Construction and Local Government.

We exist to service workplace communities ranging from multinational to local small business, providing employees and where we can, immediate family members, with quality services that will have a lasting impact on positive mental health, especially to those working in demanding and high-risk environments.

Gryphon Psychology primarily services the East Coast of Australia, however with our affiliates and FIFO capability, we actively service contracts throughout Australia as well as Internationally.

The Gryphon Difference

Safety Sensitive and High-Risk Industry Specialists
Gryphon Psychology are specialists in providing intervention and programs that are 100% relevant and specific to Safety Sensitive Industries. A safety-sensitive position refers to a job in which the employee is responsible for his or her own or other people’s safety. It also refers to jobs that would be particularly dangerous if performed with poor mental health or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Qualified Professional Personnel
There’s no substitute for experience. Along with ensuring our professional clinical team are tertiary qualified, they are experienced in working with organisations who have employees working shift work, a transient workforce (FIFO, BIBO, DIDO) and working in safety critical roles. Our team, work out of key locations where our clients operate across Australia and are almost all full-time employees of Gryphon Psychology.

Critical Incident Rapid Response
We are experts in Critical Incident Response. We respond to critical incident situations regularly and our processes are responsive, reliable and seamless. Gryphon Psychology provides a 24-hour, year-round Critical Incident Response (CIR) service.

24/7 Operation
Most of our clients operate on a 24/7 basis, so we do too. Gryphon offers a reliable service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Our 24-hour emergency hotline is managed by Gryphon employed staff. Using our own team of experienced professionals ensures critical after-hour requests are serviced with the appropriate level of experience.

Unmatched Suite of Services and Programs
Gryphon Psychology offer a comprehensive set of services to support mental health in the workplace. Through the right combination of activities an organisation can expertly strengthen their position on managing and preventing psychosocial hazards and overall risk in line with their duty of care.

Significant and Scalable Geographic Footprint
Gryphon Psychology in partnership with BSS Psychology service clients nationally and internationally. Our footprint in the EAP sector is significant as well as scalable to meet the demands of our clients, regardless of size or caper.

About Our Services

Specialising in servicing safety sensitive and high-risk industries, our aim is to work collaboratively with organisations to reduce mental health risk and foster a psychologically healthy and safe culture.

Planning for and assessing Mental Health Safety is as important as doing so for physical safety risks. Organisations have a responsibility to provide a completely safe workplace.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) from Gryphon Psychology provides professional counselling as well as other support and advisory services to strengthen an organisations response to psychological risk.

We tailor EAP packages to suit your organisation’s needs, locations, workforce, and budget. We make counselling and services accessible with a wide geographical footprint and via various mediums – i.e., face to face, phone, video.

Our experienced team manage your EAP to ensure a seamless integration of our programs to run alongside your own policies and processes. Our services list includes but is not limited to:

  • Counselling
  • Supervisor Support
  • Better Sleep Program
  • Fitness for Work
  • Peer Support Program
  • Onsite Support
  • Customised Clinical Engagement
  • Training Courses
  • Special Programs
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Psychological Risk Assessment
  • Formal Referrals

Our People

The Gryphon Psychology team are industry leading professionals with expertise in the resource and heavy industries.

Our People infographic

BSS Psychology Partnership

BSS Psychology was established in 1999 and is Gryphon Psychology’s West Coast-based sister company. Similarly, to Gryphon Psychology, BSS is a privately owned provider of EAP, Critical Incident Response, Fitness for Work, Workplace Psychological Risk Assessment, Consulting Services and Training to the Mining, Resource, Oil/Gas, Construction and Local Government sectors.

Gryphon Psychology and BSS Psychology share a commonality of ownership and management and leverage this close relationship by sharing resources, co-developing new programs and undertaking work in support of our clients on behalf of one another. The relationship between Gryphon Psychology and BSS Psychology strengthens our leadership in Workplace Psychological Safety and Consulting Services.

Vision and Values

At Gryphon Psychology we aim to be Experts in our field & Passionate about our Purpose.
We are an Australian owned, people-driven, client focused provider of wellbeing services and experts in promoting psychological safety and services that nurture mentally healthy workplaces.

We build strong partnerships with organisations to support their people in maintaining and improving mental health and wellbeing. We strive to help individuals to be resilient, safe, and fit to meet the challenges of work and life.

Our organisational values are Excellence, Integrity, Agility, Collaboration and Accountability.

Acknowledgement of Country

Gryphon Psychology acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live and work. We recognise and value their continuing connection to land, water and culture. We respect Indigenous Elders, past and present.

As an outfacing organisation we are committed to improving the social and emotional wellbeing of our First Nations people by providing support that is culturally safe, inclusive and welcoming.

Gryphon Psychology are dedicated to raising the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. We endeavor to integrate this thinking into how we support the needs of Indigenous employees.

Act of Promise

Gryphon Act of Promise to Support Reconciliation in Australia

In 2023 Gryphon Psychology launched its Gryphon Act of Promise as a commitment to reconciliation and we continue to act on this promise year-on-year.

Our promise is to support and encourage the education of our country’s true history and First Nations culture. We will do this by supplying a selection of children’s picture books to a School or Community annually. These books will be written by, illustrated by or tell stories of our First Nations People and Country.  This Gryphon Act of Promise will bring young Australians and future generations closer to truth, understanding and culture.

Inclusivity Statement

At Gryphon Psychology we are committed to building an inclusive culture that celebrates the diversity represented in our community. We welcome all people regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, faith, religion, and all identities represented in our community.

Gryphon Psychology is committed to diversity and the equal and fair treatment of all our clients, the organisations we work with, and our team.

For our Clients
Inclusivity at Gryphon Psychology means that as a client, when you call us or are supported by us, you are treated in every manner in an equal way to anyone else who contacts.

We are respectful of your culture, and your cultural heritage.

We recognise all cultures across the globe as having their own unique and valuable characteristics.

We acknowledge the great diversity of human sexuality and gender identity and ensure our team – both clinical and administration – are mindful of the differences that matter, while keeping in mind that none of our differences are divisive ones.

We commit to maintaining and growing the professional skill set to meet the vast diversity of your needs.

For our Client Companies
Inclusivity at Gryphon Psychology means that as an employer, you can expect us to treat your employees and their family with a level of priority, care, and professionalism equal to any other employee that comes in.

We follow the mental health journey the companies we support are undertaking, and continually develop our staff to both meet your needs at the point in the road you are at and walk with you on the rest of the journey.

Inclusivity means that we commit to transparency with you, to keep you informed of our own journey as a business, and the challenges and successes we have along the way.

We commit to include you as we grow, and welcome being included on your journey of employee mental health and wellbeing.

For our Employees
Inclusivity at Gryphon Psychology means that we recognise each of you as unique, and that this uniqueness adds to the greatness of the work we look to achieve every day.

We recognise that we can only provide quality services to our diverse client base if we are diverse ourselves, and we commit to recognising our diversity and nurturing it however we can.

We support the needs of our employee group and recognise that our efforts to provide that support must be agile, effective, and ongoing.

We commit to making Gryphon Psychology a workplace of equal opportunity and a place of safety for a diversity of views and life experiences, so that all employees feel supported to undertake their best work in the service of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each individual will have different concerns and questions about Privacy and Confidentiality. Some Frequently Asked Questions include:

If my workplace pays for the service, does this give them extra permission to know which employees access the service?
No, it doesn’t. No personal identifying information will be passed on to your employer unless there is a duty of care requirement to do so. Invoices and utilisation reporting does not include any personal identifying information of those who access the service. Regardless of who pays for the service, our practice is still required to follow legal and ethical requirements.

What if I bump into a Gryphon staff member or my counsellor outside in the community or onsite?
We not only keep the content of your sessions confidential, we will also ensure that the fact you are engaged in counselling remains private. It is to your own discretion that you let others know of your engagement with us, however we will continue to maintain your privacy even when you are no longer engaged in psychological treatment. If you see us in the community or onsite, we won’t acknowledge you in the first instance. We aren’t trying to be rude, we are simply protecting your right to privacy.

What if someone enquires about my engagement with Gryphon and attendance at counselling?
If someone enquires about your engagement or attendance at counselling with us, we are unable to provide them this information. We can only do so at your request and with your explicit consent.

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