Critical incidents require instant, professional and reliable action.
Demonstrated Experience in Critical Incident Rapid Response
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Counselling and Services unique to your employment
Our Clinicians are Resource Sector Industry Specialists
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Mitigate Risk - Prioritise Safety - Support your Employee’s Mental Health
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What makes us different

Safety Sensitive and High-Risk Industry Specialists

Qualified Professional Personnel

Critical Incident Rapid Response

24/7 Operation

Unmatched Suite of Services and Programs

Significant and Scalable Geographic Footprint

Who is Gryphon Psychology?

Specialising in servicing safety sensitive and high-risk industries, our aim is to work collaboratively with organisations to reduce mental health risk and foster a psychologically healthy and safe culture.

Planning for and assessing Mental Health Safety is as important as doing so for physical safety risks. Organisations have a responsibility to provide a completely safe workplace.

Key Information for Individuals

Our aim is to provide timely and quality services to everyone who accesses our services. Your EAP is in many ways the same as if you were to access counselling and / or mental health services from a general practice.

The Critical Incident Response Roadshow

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